Scard Family      
                                                                              SCARD  DOCUMENT
                                                  Meeting of the Vestry Date: 23rd December 1826 
                                                                        [Blandford, Dorset]

                                                                                               Transcribed by JAdams
                                                               Not to be used for Commercial Purposes
                  "At a Meeting of Vestry specially called for the purpose of taking into consideration the case of James Scard whose 
                  family have become chargeable to the Parish. It was resolved that steps should be forthwith taken by the Overseer 
                  in conjunction with Mr. Marshall to lay the matter before Mr. Castleman to adopt such measures as he shall 
                  recommend for the purpose of relieving the Parish from the burden in question. [..?] [Signature Illegible]  
                  N. Irving [signed] - Chairman. The 23rd December 1826." 
                 NOTE:  The National Archives, Kew, Index dates the document as 23rd Dec 1826, on the original it is the ‘28th’] 

Copy of the Document can be emailed on request. 

Research relating to the identity of the signatories; 

            The likely identity of the three legible names of Officials in this Document were as far as can be seen  were; 

            Reverend Irving – Rector residing at Bailey House Blandford Forum [OPC], 
            Mr. Marshall - also of  Blandford Forum – Occupation: Clerk [OPC]  
            Mr. Castleman - The Castleman Family were found to be prominent Solicitors at Wimbourne Minster some 10 miles South [OPC].   
Before the Poor Law Union was instigated in 1834 it was the responsibility of the various Parishes to record and be responsible for their 
own area although in certain cases there were transfers of residents in these Work Houses to other Parishes or even Counties.  
The small Document [above] in the form of a handwritten note was found on the A2A written by the Overseers of the Poor at Blandford 
Forum addressing the matter of a James Scard. 

 Possibly related to James Scard - youngest son of John Scard & Jane nee Abraham 
There were no other known 'James Scard' or any other Scard Family members recorded at Spetisbury or Blandford Forum. 
Whether James’past was haunting him in that a possible child by Maria Legg had been transferred to Dorchester Poor House, if the Officials
had been notified of his change of residence, which is likely if the grieving family of Maria made such a report or this James had another 
relationship is not known.