Thomas Lucas
                                       Freemason, Marine, Glazier, Farmer
                1st Fleet to Sydney Cove 1788, later of Norfolk Island & Tasmania

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                             Scanned Image of the Original Will of Thomas Lucas 
                             dated 4th August 1813
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                             Information re Co- Executors

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The scanned Copy of the Original Will of Thomas Lucas [c.1759-1815] 
[Previously Indexed in The Colonial Secretary's Index [Online] under 'John Lucas' now recently amended to 'Thomas Lucas', 
of Brown's River District of Queenborough, Van Diemen's Land 1813, Aug. 4 Will [Fiche 3261; 4/433 No. 84 pp. 
107-8 Colonial Secretary's Papers]. 
Fiche can be viewed at many libraries.  

                                   In the Name of God Amen, I Thomas Lucas Yeoman of Brown’s River in the District of Queenborough Van
                                   Diemen’s Land of sound disposing Memory and understanding  thanks be to God the same Do make this my
                                   last Will and Testament in the manner following.
                                   [Viz]  I do nominate constitute and appoint my beloved Wife Ann Lucas, to wit Executrix with my well respected
                                   Friends Richard Pitt of Pitt Farm and Robert Littlejohn of Montrose Estate both of the District of Buckingham
                                   Van Diemen’s Land, Executors and Trustees to act as General Trustees and Executors in the perfect 
                                   management of all the concerns herein after named.                                       
                                   Firstly I give and bequeath with love and affection to my beloved Wife and Executrix Ann Lucas all my freehold
                                   Estate  of one hundred and eight-two acres of land known by the name of Lucas’s Farm which I now possess
                                   together with all my horned cattle, sheep, hogs and goats and all my household goods and furniture during her
                                   natural life, then and immediately after the decease of my said wife Ann Lucas I give devise and bequeath the
                                   aforesaid Free Holding Estate of one hundred and eight-two acres at Browns River and District aforesaid to my
                                   two natural sons John and  Nathaniel Lucas to them, their heirs and assigns for ever to be equally divided
                                   between them by my aforesaid Executors Richard Pitt and Robert Littlejohn aforesaid.                                       
                                   Also I give devise and bequeath to my natural son Richard Lucas all that my Freehold Estate known by the name
                                   of Nash’s Farm at Brown’s River aforesaid of One Hundred acres of Land to him, his Heirs and Assigns for ever.
                                   Also I  give and bequeath all the horned cattle, sheep, hogs and goats & household  furniture after the decease of 
                                   my Wife aforesaid to my four natural sons Thomas, Richard, John and Nathaniel Lucas to be equally divided
                                   amongst them  share and share alike by my Executors aforesaid Provided and always that if any of my above
                                   natural sons should happen to die under the age of twenty one years his Estate to be divided amongst the Survivor
                                   or Survivors share and share alike, and that my Debts, Mortgages be contracted by them that shall effect the Estates
                                   under the age of twenty one years.   Also my meaning and will is that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid
                                   out of my freehold Estates commonly known by the names Lucas’s Farm and Nash’s Farm aforesaid and I do hereby
                                   revoke and make Nil and Void all former Will and Wills by me at any time here to fore made and do declare this to
                                   be my  last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have subscribed my name and set my hand and seal this Fourth
                                   Day of August Eighteen Hundred and Thirteen. 
                                   Thomas Lucas                                     
                                   Signed, sealed, declared and  published by the above [?] Thomas Lucas the testator as his Last Will and Testament
                                   in presence of us at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
                                   James Lord.  Robert Nash.

Thomas Lucas died two years later in late winter, on the 29th August, 1815 at the recorded age of 56. 
An entry in the Diary of Reverend Robert Knopwood dated 1st September 1815 records his burial.  

NOTE:  Although the signature on the Will does not match that in the Letter to Piper [1808] it was customary in England to have two copies
               of a Will.  One copied by a Clerk [examples found in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury] and the original held by the Family.  
               At first thought the Original it is now reconsidered to be a copy, filed with the Governor's Secretary. 
Information re Co-Executors.         

Richard Pitt;  
                    Richard Pitt had arrived at the Colony as a Marine aboard the ‘Oceanic’ in 1803, in fact on the same tiny two ship Fleet that the 
                    Fawkner family traveled aboard and was one of the first settlers in VDL.  After sometime in the service of the Police Force in 
                    Hobart Town he was granted a hundred acres of  land at Buckingham about 2 ½ miles northwest of Hobart.  
Robert Littlejohn; 
                    Robert Littlejohn, held 120 acres also at Buckingham in the district known as 'Montrose Estate' possibly named after the 
                    Scottish Township where he may have been born.   

                    When these three men met is unknown, searches have been made on the latter two, and no Robert Littlejohn is recorded as 
                    being born in Montrose and little information has been found regarding Richard Pitt.  They also do not appear to be ‘Free  
                    Masons‘ but this is difficult to determine.  Named as dual Executors in Thomas Lucas' Will and noted that he held their 
                    friendship in high regard. 

                   The information on Richard Pitt and Robert Littlejohn was kindly submitted by another researcher.