Thomas Lucas
                                               Freemason, Marine, Glazier, Farmer
                         1st Fleet to Sydney Cove 1788, later of Norfolk Island & Tasmania

                                                  Appended Page to his Biography

                    Scan of the Original Letter to Lieutenant John Piper [below]
                           re Masonic Lodge at Norfolk Island - Dated 18th December 1807
                           Thomas Lucas 'PM' [Past Master] one of the signatories.

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         Letter from the Freemasons at Norfolk Island to John Piper. One of the Signatories was Thomas Lucas [previously 1st Fleet Marine]
         Dated: Norfolk Island Dec. 18th 1807.   By the kind courtesy of the NSW State Archives.  
                                                                       Letter to Piper re Freemasons at Norfolk Island     
                                                                   Piper letter page 2

            Norfolk Island Dec. 18th 1807
            Impressed with a lively sense of Gratitude for the Patronage, and generous protection which we in out collective capacity as Free and 
            accepted Masons have experienced under your Authority.  We now beg leave to request your acceptance of our sincerest 

            It is an Axiom founded on the Pediment of the Masonic Institution, that a Mason's conduct should be orderly, regulated by a strict 
            adherence to the Laws and particularly obedient to regular Legislative Authorities; We humble presume from the Affability of your 
            demeanour and politeness of your attention to us as a collective Body; that our Conduct has received you approbation; and 
            consequently that no Impeachment of a deviation from good Order can be attached to our small Community; and as Circumstances 
            require our departure from this Island; and from your Jurisdiction under which we have received such Marks of liberal protection 
            We request you may be pleased to recommend to His Honor Lt. Gov. Collins, our general demeanour, and secure to us under his 
            Command, a Continuance of that Patronage, we have received from you, and we shall studiously exert ourselves; by the Regularity 
            of our demeanour, to prove that your kind indulgences shall never be impeached by any impropriety of Conduct on the part of 
            Your grateful Servants
            James [?] Master
            Thomas Lucas  P.M.  [Past Master]
            W. Atkins [?]
            For the Brethren.
            [Addressed to:]  John Piper Esq. 

            See Degrees in Freemasonry [i.e. 'past master'] explained in Thomas Lucas Part 1, with images of his Masonic Apron, now held
            by the Freemason Lodge at Hobart and various researches and contact with the Masonic Archives in London.