Extended Adams Family
                           Cornwall, England

        The Matters [Metters] Family of Cornwall, England

                                             Richard Metters 
                                          Shoemaker of Launceston, Cornwall.

                             Spouse:  Martha Hatherley - by whom he had Issue.

                       Mary ADAMS married Thomas METTERS [aka MATTERS],
         the second son of Richard Metters by his wife Martha [nee Hatherley]
                at Launceston, Cornwall in 1846, by whom she had Issue. 


                         Compiled & Written by J.S.Adams based on the Research 
                                       of both DianneT and PeterS [descendants]
                                    RICHARD METTERS  was baptised on the 4th of August 1780 at St Stephens by Launceston, the 
                                                            eldest son of David Metters and his wife Elizabeth nee Higgins. He had several siblings.

                                     1805: Marriage; 
                                                           At the age of twenty-five, Richard Metters married Martha Hatherley on the 7th May 1805 
                                                           at Launceston, Cornwall.
                                                    HATHERLEY FAMILY

MARTHA HATHERLEY was baptised [date TBA*] at St. Mary Magdalene Launceston, 
the daughter of John Hatherley and his wife Ann.
*descendant to advise details.
PARENTS: John Hatherley 'of St.Mary Magdalene' married Ann GREGORY 
                    'sojourner of this Parish'  by banns at St. Thomas, Launceston on 
                     the 13th July 1768.
                     Witnesses: Robert Ham and Ellaner Bowman.  [CPOC]
SIBLINGS: Martha had one known sibling;
                     Ann Hatherley baptised 30th of July 1775 at St Mary Magdalene.
MOTHER:  Ann Gregory may have been the same baptised 16th Feb. 1745, the daughter
                     of John Gregory by his wife Mary at Lawhitton [1 mile of Launceston].
                     Ann Hatherley [nee Gregory]  was buried 19th December 1825
                     at St. Mary Magdalene, Launceston, recorded aged 80yrs [born 1745].
SISTER: Martha's sister Ann Hatherley married James Blake 15th June 1818. 
                1841 Census:  Ann's occupation was a skincutter, widow, living 
                                          alone in Northgate St., Launceston.
                1851 Census: Ann was living with her sister Martha, 
                                        by now also a widow and her nieces Elizabeth & Hannah 
                                        in Launceston.
                1855:               Ann Blake [nee Hatherley] is believed to have been buried at 
                                        St Mary Magdelene on the 7th February 1855, at the estimated 
                                        age of seventy, three years after her sister immigrated with her 
                                        married children to South Australia.
                                        It is not known if Ann had any surviving issue.

                                                              POSSIBLE LINEAGE
FATHER:   John Hatherley may have been baptised 29th May 1749 at Morwenstow
                    1 mile of Westcot*, the son of John & his wife Grace based on the premise
                    that 'Grace' was a revered name in the Metters family for several  generations.
                    *Although Launceston lay 20 mile NNW, Richard and Martha were recorded
                    living at Westcot in 1830.  
                    It would appear he had several siblings, John being the eldest; i.e.
                    Jane Hatherley bapt. 3rd June 1753 
                    Grace Hatherley bapt. 3rd May 1756.
Also:          ** Alexander Hatherley bapt. 28th April 1751 - St. Mary Magdeline Launceston
                   Father: John.                   
                                                      LIKELY CLOSE KIN:
John Hatherley of Pancras Week [Devon] & Grace EARL married 7th Feb. 1728/9 Launcells 
[6 miles SSE Morwenstow]. [COPC]

John Hatherley recorded at TNA; Pre-nuptial settlement. 3rd July 1764;
(1) Rich. Veale of Lugworthy, Bridgrule, gent., (2) Grace Hatherley of Tackbear, Bridgrule, spr., to (3) Dan. Hewett of Holsworthy, gent., Rich. Hawke of Bodgate, North Petherwin, gent., and Jn. Hatherley of Tackbear, gent., trustees on marriage between (1) and (2).
Consideration: Rich. will on marriage receive "a considerable marriage portion".
Settlement on Grace (if she should survive her husband) of an annuity of £ 8 payable out of closes of land called the two Broad Parks, Long Moor, Long Land, the two Stoplakes and the Brimridge, with adj. meadow (about 40 acres altogether), in *Bridgrule, Devon! Bridgrule is actually in Cornwall.
Bridgerule [Cornwall] Marriage: 28th July 1767 John Hatherley [widower] o.t.p. & Mary Sargent – spinster o.t.p. By Banns both signed the register. Bridgerule [Cornwall] Baptism:  John Hatherley son of John & Mary 27th Aug. 1767. Launcells: Burial: John Hatherly son of Thomas & Elizabeth his wife. Marriage between John Chapman otp & Elizabeth Hatherley otp. Both signed the register.  By banns. Morewenstow; Burial: John Hatherley 21st April 1763. Further Research has been suspended for the Hatherley Family at the present time. For Descendants wishing to research the Hatherley Family, Suggest; National Archives, Kew, Surrey Online Index - Advanced Search. IGI: Custom Search [online] Cornwall Parish Clerks [online] [COPC] - Suggest use 'People Search' John Hatherley. Phillimore's Cornwall Parish Registers Also Peter S [descendant] is also following this line - Contact via the Webmaster above.
                                             Following their marriage Richard & Martha remained at Launceston for some time; 
                                             The couple very likely settled at some later point at their home in Hore Street Launceston, at which his 
                                             widow was recorded resident 1841 & 1851, following a brief period at Westcott.
                                             Issue born at Launceston; 
                                                             Elizabeth Metters born 1st July 1808, bapt. 10th August, 1808 at Castle Street-Independent
                                                                                             click on image to enlarge
                                                                                            Elizabeth Metters married Henry Lincoln in 1836 - see Epilogue.    
                                                            Grace Metters born 31st May 1811, bapt. 17th June 1811 at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan
                                                                                             Grace was buried 6 th August, 1819 recorded aged 8 years at St. Mary Magdalene.
                                                            John Metters born 9th December 1813, bapt. 26th Dec. 1813 at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan
                                                                                              click on image to enlarge.
                                                                                             John Metters married Amelia Cummins - see Epilogue
                                                            Ann Metters born 14th Feb. 1816, bapt. 11th Aug. 1816 at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan
                                                                                             Ann Metters married William Rodd in 1849 - see Epilogue.
                                                            Thomas Metters was baptised on the 4th July 1819 at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan
                                                                                            Thomas Matters married Mary Adams at Launceston in 1846 - see Epilogue 
                                                            James Metters born 31st March 1821, bapt. 6th May 1821at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan
                                                            Hannah Matters born 20th Feb. 1828, bapt. 11th March 1828 at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan

                                       1830:    Richard Matters was recorded in the Pigot's Trade Directory for Launceston 1830
                                                    as a Boot & Shoe maker at Westgate.
                                                                                                     click image to enlarge 
                                                                                                    Source:  Ancestry

                                       1834 Death;                   
                                                   Richard Matters died four years later, buried in the Weslyan Chapel at Launceston on the 23rd April 1834, 
                                                   at the recorded age of fifty-three.   Burial Performed by Thomas Staton. [From BDM Registers UK
                                                   [From the Register of Burials at the Wesleyan Chapel Launceston, Cornwall from 1823-1837 
                                                    - Courtesy ofPeterS - descendant]

                                                   He was survived by his widow Martha of twenty-nine years marriage and his six surviving
                                                   children: Elizabeth [unmarried] aged 26yrs, Ann [unmarried] aged 23yrs, John aged 18yrs, 
                                                   Thomas aged 15yrs, James aged 13yrs and Hannah aged six years.
                                                   Richard appears to have provided for his family posthumous, his widow recorded of 
                                                   'independant means' in 1841 [Census] 
                                                   None of his sons adopted their father's trade as shoemaker.


                                      Martha Metters [c.1780-1851?] [nee Hatherley] widow of Richard Metters

                                      Seven years after the death of Richard Metters;
                                      1841 Census [Note: ages were rounded in this Census];
                                                            Martha was living at Fore Street, Launceston in the Parish of St. Mary Magdeline.
                                                            She was recorded aged sixty, living of Independant Means with son James age 20yrs, a Mason 
                                                            and daughter Hannah, aged 13yrs.  All were recorded 'born in the County of Cornwall'. 
                                     1851 Census: Martha was still living at Ford Street, Launceston [assumed the family home]
                                                      Martha Matters, Head, Widow, age 71yrs, Dyer, born Cornwall, Launceston.
                                                            Eliza Lincon, Daughter, Married, age 42yrs, Laundress, born Cornwall, St. Stephen. [See Epilogue]
                                                            Hanna Matters, Daughter, Unmarried, age 22yrs, Dyer, born Cornwall, Launceston. [See Epilogue]
                                                            Anna Blake, Sister, Widow, age 76yrs, Pauper, born Cornwall, Launceston. [See Section above]
                                    1851 Death: Martha Metters [nee Hatherley] is likely the same recorded died in the Dec. Qtr. 1851 Reg. at Launceston. 

                   Elizabeth Metters [1808-1866] eldest child of Richard Metters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley].
                                                                Elizabeth Metters born 1st July 1808, bapt. 10th August, 1808 at Castle Street-Independent, 
                                      Two years after her father's death; 
                                      1836        At the age of twenty-eight Elizabeth Metters married Henry Lincoln on the 2nd March 1836, Devon.

                                                                Henry Lincoln:
                                                                      Born c. 1812 Lieutenant Henry Lincoln passed for Lieutenant on the 6th October 1830, 
                                                                      Document  dated 26th December 1837.
                                                                      He Served on the 'Wollesley' from 8th Dec. 1830 as Mate to the 21st Jan 1832;
                                                                      the 'Favorite' from 7th March  1833, to 7th June 1834, the 'Malahan'  intermittently 
                                                                      from 8th  June 1831 to: [subsequently added] January  1838.
                                                                      Source: National Archives Kew.
                                                                      It is assumed that Lt. Lincoln his continued service, allowing him to be absent from
                                                                      the Census from 1841 to 1851. 
                                                                      He was recorded a Naval Pensioner, with his wife Elizabeth in the Census of 1861.

                                     1841 Census:  Elizabeth Lincoln, living in New Western Road, Stoke Climsland, 'of Indepedent Means'.
                                     1851 Census:  Elizabeth recorded aged 42, Married, staying with her mother, 
                                                               youngest sibling Hannah and her aging maternal aunt Ann Blake, at Launceston.
                                     1861 Census:  Henry & Elizabeth living at at Tower Street together with Robert and 
                                                              Elizabeth Cundy, who were previously neighbours from Fore Street. 
                                                              Henry noted as a naval pensioner (Greenwich Hospital). 
                                     1866 Elizabeth Lincoln [nee Metters] died without issue, buried on 10th June 1866.
                                              Henry Lincoln remarried in early 1867 to Mary Ann Down a widowed laundress living in the 
                                                                        same street. They were living in Northgate Street in 1871 and 1881. 
                                                                        Henry died Testate and was buried 26th November 1889. 
                                                                        His 2nd wife Mary born in Launceston in 1824 was buried on the 2nd January 1900.
                                             Henry Lincoln's Will is available at National Archives, Kew or some details can be obtained by contacting 
                                                                        the Webmaster above.   

                   John Metters [1819-post 1851] son of Richard Metters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley].
                                                                       John Metters was born 9th July 1819, bapt. 26th Dec. 1819 at St. Mary Magdalene
                                                                        -Wesleyan, Launceston,Cornwall.

                                       Four years after his father's death;
                                                                      John Metters married Amelia Cummins in the March Qtr. 1838, Reg. Alverstoke, Hampshire. 
                                                                      Amelia was born at Portsmouth, Hampshire in 1821.

                                       1851 Census:  Amelia was recorded married, aged 30, a seamstress, born in 
                                                                 born at Portsmouth, Hampshire with her daughter Elizabeth Ann Matters aged 5yrs, 
                                                                 scholar, born Launceston, Cornwall.
                                                                 Amelia was living in the same street as her mother-in-law.
                                                                 John was not able to be found in this and subsequent Census. 
                                                                 Amelia may have died in the March Qtr. 1851 just a few weeks after the Census. 
                                                                 They may have immigrated at the same time as John's mother and his siblings in the mid 1850's.
                                                                 No further information. 

                   Ann Metters [1816-post 1841] daughter of Richard Metters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley].
                                                                           Ann Matters was born 14th Feb. 1816, bapt. 11th Aug. 1816 at St. Mary Magdalene
                                                                           -Wesleyan, Launceston,Cornwall.

                                     Seven years after her father's death; 
                                     1841 Census: Ann was working as a servant in the home of the Arthur Family at Hele Bridge, 
                                                             Stratton, Cornwall, recorded aged 24yrs.
                                     1849                Ann Metters married William Rodd in the June Qtr. 1849 Reg. Stratton [Cornwall].

                                                            Following their marriage William and Ann immigrated to Ontario Canada where 
                                                            their first child, Ann Rodd was born in 1850.
                                     1850 Census:Ontario Canada in 1850:  Both William & Ann recorded with infant Ann.
                                     1853-6:           They had a further two children; 
                                                             Mary Rodd born in 1853 
                                                                       - Mary married Solomon Jacques in 1876.
                                                             Henry Rodd born in 1856
                                                                       - Henry married Emma Jane Hogg also in 1876.
                                                             Eldest child Ann Rodd 
                                                                       - married Herbert Hogg in 1869.

                                     Thomas Metters [1819-1857] son of Richard Metters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley].
                                                                           Thomas Matters was baptised on the 4th July 1819at St. Mary Magdalene
                                                                           -Wesleyan, Launceston,Cornwall
                                                             Thomas Matters married MARY ADAMS at Launceston in 1846 at Launceston by whom he had
                                                             four surviving children, the eldest two of whom were born at Launceston, Cornwall. 
                                                             Thomas immigrated in 1852 with his mother and family to South Australia where his remaining
                                                              issue were born. 
                                                              See:   The Biography of Thomas Matters[1819-1857] 


                   James Metters [1821-post 1841]youngest son of Richard Matters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley].
                                                                                       James Matters was born 21st March 1821, bapt. 6th May 1821
                                                                                       at St. Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan, Launceston,Cornwall 

                                      Seven years after his father's death; 

                                      1841 Census: James was last found recorded in the 1841 Census, living with his mother and younger sister 
                                                               at their home at Hord Street, Launceston.

                                      Towards the end of the year, he had journeyed to the Isle of Wight  where on the 8th of November 1841
                                      James Metters married1 Susannah Flux the daughter of William Flux and his wife Louise.
                                      James was recorded in the occupation of Mason. 

                                                                                                         Click on image to enlarge. 

                                      The details in his marriage clearly give his father as Richard Metters - a shoemaker 
                                      [contrary to his death Certificate in Australia].  A clearer copy of the Marriage Certificate is available by request.

                                      The couple appears to have settled at Tavistock, Devonshire where John Adams was resident.
                                      [John Adams related to the Metters Family by marriage i.e. 
                                      John's sister MARY ADAMS married James' elder brother: Thomas Metters [above]]. 

                                      Several Issue appear to have been born in England;
                                                             Louisa Metters - [noted deceased by 1881- Melbourne]. 
                                                                     Possibly the same born March Qtr. 1841 Reg. Tavistock [Devon, Eng]? [Free BDM UK - online]
                                                                     May have died in England.  
                                                             Henry Metters - [noted deceased by 1881- Melbourne] 
                                                                     Possibly the same born March Qtr. 1841 Reg. Tavistock [Devon, Eng]? [Free BDM UK - online]
                                                                     May have died in England. 
                                                             Charles Metters - [noted deceased by 1881 - Melbourne] . 
                                                                     May have died in England. 
                                                             James William Metters born c. 1852 venue unknown [noted aged 29 yrs in 1881 - Melbourne]
                                                                     James William Metters died on the 28th February, 1884 in Adelaide.
                                                                     Recorded aged 31 years.  Marriage & Issue? - TBA.
                                                             Charles Henry Metters born c. 1853 venue unknown [noted aged 28yrs in 1881]
                                                                     Charles Henry Metters married Lucy Ellen Royal in 1875 at Port Natal, Victoria. 
                                                                      Issue:  TBA.
                                                             John Metters born c. 1857 venue unknown [noted aged 24yrs in 1881]
                                                                     Marriage & Issue? - TBA. 

                                      The couple emigrated to Australia around 1856. 
                                      They settled in the City of Melbourne and had further issue;

                                                           Child 6: George Metters - born Melbourne, Australia - 1856 parents James & Susan FLUX
                                                                                                        George died 1856, Melb.  recorded aged 6 months. [Vict. BDM CD = Mattars]
                                                           Child 7:  Frederick Metters born Melbourne, Australia -1858 parents James  & Susan FLUX
                                                                                                         Recorded aged 22yrs in 1881.   
                                                                                                         Marriage & Issue? - TBA.
                                                           Child 8:  Annie Metters born Melbourne, Australia -1859 parents James & Susan FLUCKS
                                                                                                        Annie died 1860, Melb. recorded aged 8 months.. 
                                                           Child 9:  William Metters born Melbourne, Australia -1861 parents James & susan FLUX
                                                                                                        William died 1861, Melb. recorded aged 10 months. 
                                                           Child 10: Arthur Metters born Melbourne, Australia -1862 parents James &  Susan FLUX - LIVING
                                                                                                        Arthur married Mary Henshaw in 1883 at Melbourne. 
                                                                                                        Issue - TBA.
                                                           Child 11:Amy Metters born Melbourne, Australia -1864 parents James & Susan FLUX
                                                                                                        Amy died in 1865, Melb. recorded aged 5  months. 
                                      James Metters died at  Emerald Hill recorded a Bricklayer aged 60yrs succombing to Phthisis – Pulmonalis.  
                                      He was  buried on the 4th October 1881at Melbourne General Cemetery.
                                      He was survived by his widow Sarah Ellen Metters [nee Gouldthorpe] of six years marriage and his five surviving sons
                                      by his 1st marriage; James William 29 yrs; Charles Henry 28yrs; John 24yrs; Frederick 22 years and Arthur 19yrs.

                                                            Other details recorded on the Death Certicate;  
                                                                     All of the six deceased children were also noted on the Death Certicate; 
                                                                     Respectively: Louisa, Henry, Charles, George, Amy & William. 
                                                                     First Marriage to Susannah Flux, at age 23, Isle of Wight - all Issue recorded from this marriage. 
                                                                     Second Marriage to Sarah Ellen Gouldthorpe at age 55 - no issue.
                                                                     Born Cornwall. 
                                                                     Living in the Colony about 26 years in Victoria [i.e. 1855]. 
                                                                     Father recorded as James? [actually 'Richard'] Metters,  Bootmaker.
                                                                     The informant was his son James. 
                                                            Certificates Marriage/Death kindly sent by PeterS.  

                    Hannah Matters [1828-1880] youngest child of Richard Matters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley]. 
                                                                                          Hannah Matters was born 20th Feb. 1828, bapt. 11th March 1828 at St. Mary Magdalene
                                                                                          -Wesleyan, Launceston,Cornwall

                                       Seven years after her father's death;
                                                    Hannah was last recorded in England in the 1841 Census aged 13yrs, living with her widowed mother [aged 60]
                                                    and brother James [aged 20] at Fore Street, Launceston, Cornwall.
                                       1852  Hannah immigrated to South Australia with her mother and brother Thomas with his young family per 'Sea Park' . 
                                                 The family settled in Adelaide.  
                                       1857 Hannah Matters married Thomas Williams in Adelaide, South Australia on the 6th June 1857. 
                                                                 Groom age 48, noted son of John Williams. Bride age 28, noted daughter of Richard Metters.
                                                                 Venue: The residence of Thomas Williams at North Adelaide.
                                                     Rosa Hatherleigh Williams born 5th April 1858, North Adelaide. 
                                                                    Rosa died 31st January 1880, North Adelaide recorded aged 21yrs & 9mths. 
                                                                    Informant was her father Thomas Williams.  
                                                     Caroline Williams born 4th Sept. 1859, North Adelaide.
                                                                    Caroline died 18th June 1864 at the family residence in Brompton, Adelaide, 
                                                                    recorded aged 4yrs & 6mths.  Informant was her father Thomas Williams.
                                        1880 Hannah William [nee Matters] died 13th May 1880, departing this life three weeks after her daughter Rosa, 
                                                                     at the recorded age of fifty-two, without surviving issue. 
                                                                     Informant was her spouse Thomas Williams.